The Author

Eileen Pruett

Living in New Hampshire meant playing with cousins, climbing trees, making my own bows and arrows, learning to knit and crochet, reading, fixing puzzles, watching grandpa make maple syrup and playing with his goats. I liked math, but found myself at Brigham Young University and then was married and we were managing a motel, so I wasn’t able to student teach. We raised 8 children and I worked graveyard as a nurse’s aide. Then I took my Social Service Worker’s test, passed, and got a job as a prison caseworker with my major in Child Development and Family Relations.

Eileen Pruett | Author

Book started as Eileen was a young girl. I like this as it reminded me of a lot of the things that I did and had as I was growing up. But then she grew up in a much larger family as family did back then. I liked where she told about her mother making French toast for breakfast for the children who like that and then added flour to make pancakes and then for others added corn in the pancakes for the ones who liked breakfast that way. She had eight children along with working .It must have been tough at times but with her religion and family and friends she made it through.

Barbara Labadie

Although the book was fairly short, it was very interesting. I read it in a weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Priscilla Ellsworth