My Life Including Prison

The Book

My Life including Prison

Do you ever wonder what it would be like working in a prison?

Eileen Pruett was married and raising eight children, until she found herself divorced. Then came a job inside the prison. On her first caseload was a man who claimed he was innocent of the crimes he came to prison for. Eileen didn’t know how to help him, but she tried. Then she found herself locked in a cell with a male inmate. What was she supposed to do? There were plenty of other inmates, all with their own problems. The guards told them, “Go ask the caseworker.” The inmates were always glad to tell Eileen how things in prison worked, but she was seldom sure if she ought to believe what they said. Asking different caseworkers, she got different answers. Then she quit asking others and did what she wanted to.

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Book started as Eileen was a young girl. I like this as it reminded me of a lot of the things that I did and had as I was growing up. But then she grew up in a much larger family as family did back then. I liked where she told about her mother making French toast for breakfast for the children who like that and then added flour to make pancakes and then for others added corn in the pancakes for the ones who liked breakfast that way. She had eight children along with working .It must have been tough at times but with her religion and family and friends she made it through.

Barbara Labadie

Although the book was fairly short, it was very interesting. I read it in a weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Priscilla Ellsworth